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Benefits of Rolfing

Advanced Health | Rolfing


For Fundamental and Profound Changes to Your Health, Vitality and Posture

What is ROLFING?

Rolfing, or Structural Integration was created by Dr. Ida P. Rolf, and deals with Postural Re-alignment, Movement and Balance in people's bodies. She believed that most physical problems and pain comes from chronically tight or stiffened muscles and connective tissue, related to a person's posture. With this in mind, she created a series of 10 sessions of deep connective tissue massage and stretching to systematically re-align people's posture. When their bodies become straighter and more erect, pain disappears, and they feel better. It could be considered as "Engineering For The Body".

"When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow. Then the body can spontaneously heal itself."    Ida P. Rolf

The ROLFING Series

The Rolfing Series consists of TEN SESSIONS, and each session has a particular goal, and they combine together to re-balance one's body from head to toe. Each session lasts around one hour and is hands-on bodywork and tissue massage posture/movement re-education. The effects of the sessions are powerful, long lasting, and cumulative, i.e. the full benefit is really noticed as someone reaches the end of the ten sessions.

"All I can say is it's fantastic! Week to week I could notice the difference...I feel like 38 going on 23." Dave Brenner from "Inside Running"

"I am in pain, how can ROLFING help?"

Rolfing deals extremely effectively with physical/structural pain, for example:
  1. Long Term Chronic Pain/Stiffness
  2. Whiplash/Migraine
  3. Back Pain
  4. Hip Problems
  5. Movement Difficulty
  6. Old Injuries eg Sport Injuries, Crashes
  7. Repetitive Strain Injuries, Tennis Elbow
  8. Neck/Shoulder Tension From Computers
  9. Release Of Adhesions After Surgery

The Benefits of ROLFING

The documented benefits of Rolfing are many. Often people consider doing the series a major milestone in their lives. The benefits can include:
  1. Total alleviation or a substantial decrease in pain levels
  2. Increased flexibility and joint mobility in areas such as hips, neck, back and shoulders
  3. Better posture, balance, co-ordination, movement and freedom
  4. Major release of tension and anxiety
  5. Sports performance improvement
  6. Ability to handle emotional and psychological problems improves
  7. It is considered to take 10 to 15 years off your “Biological Clock”

Rolfing Before and After Pics
More Before & After Pics

Who Can Get ROLFED?

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of Rolfing, whether they are in pain or not! Preventative maintenance is the best form of therapy. People from nine months to ninety years have experienced the many benefits of Rolfing.

Old Before Your Time?

There is absolutely no reason for people to feel older than they actually are. This cannot be emphasized enough. With ROLFING you will feel years younger and you will ensure that you have a much greater chance of living life to the full as you get older. Many of the debilitating problems of mid and later life are down to poor posture and less activity. Rolfing will teach you not only to stand tall, but also understand the principals of balance and movement.

"The emotional effects are often as dramatic as the changes in body structure. In our experience, Rolfing produces changes in a briefer time than any other system we are aware of." Ron Kurtz and Hector Prestera MD. Authors of "The Body Reveals"


  "Rolfing is the best thing I have done for my physical self in my entire adult life."
D. Morgan, Inch, Co. Kerry

"Rolfing really changed my life for the better. Not only did my physical body change, but I felt I had made great progress in my personal growth as well. It changed my whole outlook and awareness on people, relationships etc. I go back to Barry regularly to keep up the good work."
M. O'Sullivan, Clifden

"It was if a ton weight was lifted from me...It's a real shock to realize how stiff and tight a person can get as they get older. With Rolfing you can really improve yourself."
B. McLoughlin, Co. Leitrim

"There's been a great improvement in my back and overall mobility since I visited Barry 2 years ago."
M. Burke, Galway

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