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Advanced Health | Bioresonance Allergy Testing

What is Bioresonance Allergy Testing?

Bioresonance Allergy testing is a unique computer based health scan which works with the bodies electromagnetic energy to give you a useful assessment of both your current health status, food intolerances, vitamin/mineral deficiencies and chemical toxicity.

It can check the vitality of your internal organs and find the root causes of any problems that you may have. Using this information Helen can then set up a treatment plan in relation to your specific needs.

Chronic, recurring health problems? Bioresonance may be for you!

What can it do?

  • Find your vitality level-a unique reading of your overall energy level.
  • Find the basic energetic state of each organ.
  • Find the Dominant Focus, or the Root Cause of your problems.
  • Find remedies that will balance your energy.
  • Check for food intolerances, environmental issues, geopathic stress, etc.
  • Check your system for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

    What happens during a Bioresonance Allergy scan?

    The Allergy test is completely painless, all the client has to do is hold a metal cylinder, which the connects the person to the system. Once this is done, Helen will check through your food sensitivities, mineral and vitamin levels, and internal organs. Specific information will be then given to you in relation to these, and to modifying your diet to improve your health and vitality.

    Do you suffer from any of the following health issues?

    ME?     Weight Problems?
    Digestive Disorders?     Bloating/Flatulence?
    Constipation?     Allergies?
    Thrush?     Skin Problems?
    Asthma?     Period Problems?
    Chronic, recurring, or unexplained health problems? Bioresonance can help.

  • Testimonials

      "I am very pleased with the remedies and the test - I feel so much better!"
    C. Regan, Co. Clare

    "I feel great! Since changing my diet and taking the supplements Helen told me to get, my energy levels are definitely up."
    S. Malone, Co. Sligo

    "I have lost over a stone, and my irritable bowel symptoms have disappeared."
    G. Gallagher, Cork

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