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Advanced Health | Diagnostic Testing

Helen O’Brien B.Sc., Ph.D., Dip. NT.

We have a range of other diagnostic testing available for our clients:
We always offer free cholesterol testing, free blood sugar testing and free blood type test (for dietary purposes) with every consultation booked

  • Vitamin D ( Blood Test)
    Why test for Vitamin D Deficiency?

    Vitamin D deficiency can be a serious problem and does not have very obvious symptoms. It increases susceptibility to other more serious conditions. Maintaining Vitamin D levels protects the body from a wide range of diseases including viruses, cardiovascular disease, bone disease including osteoporosis, rickets and osteomalcia, autoimmune disease (such as multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis), strokes, nervous system disorders (such as Parkinson's Disease) and type 1 and 2 diabetes. Depression and breast, prostate and colon cancer have also been linked to Vitamin D deficiency.

    Sample requirements & test turnaround
    The test requires just a pin-prick blood sample. Results are available within 10-15 working days.

  • Airborne Allergies (Blood Test)
    Seven out of 10 children (and 60% of adults) who suffer from perennial or seasonal rhinitis are allergic.
    This test comes in 2 versions , child and adult:
    • Wheeze/Rhinitis - Child: detects IgE antibodies against cat dander (fur and skin debris), dog dander, house dust mite, egg white (IgE), cow's milk (IgE), common silver birch, mugwort, Timothy grass, olive pollen and wall pellitory
    • Asthma/Rhinitis - Adult: detects IgE antibodies against cat dander (fur and skin debris), dog dander, house dust mite, cockroach debris, household mould common silver birch, mugwort, Timothy grass, olive pollen and wall pellitory

  • Inflammation
    C reactive protein, this test measures a blood marker for Inflammation that that predicts risk of future metabolic and cardiovascular disease Female Hormone Panel (saliva)

  • Thyroid Test
    This is a 10 minute blood test to detect raised levels of TSH, a marker for inadequate thyroid hormone levels

  • Anaemia
    This is a 10 minute blood screening test for low ferritin levels (<20ng/ml) - a marker for iron deficiency anaemia

  • Hair Mineral Analysis
    This test gives a detailed analysis of your mineral status from a small amount of head hair which will need to be sent to a laboratory. You will receive a comprehensive report which will include your body's level of nutrient minerals and toxic metals, a list of recommended foods and those to avoid, food allergy

    Diagnostic testing include also:
    Female Hormone Panel (saliva)
    Menopause Profile (saliva)
    Adrenal Stress Test (saliva)
    Homocysteine Test / Heart Check (pin prick of blood)
    Osteoporosis Screen (urine)

    For further information and pricing please contact us

  • Testimonials

      "I am very pleased with the remedies and the test - I feel so much better!"
    C. Regan, Co. Clare

    "I feel great! Since changing my diet and taking the supplements Helen told me to get, my energy levels are definitely up."
    S. Malone, Co. Sligo

    "I have lost over a stone, and my irritable bowel symptoms have disappeared."
    G. Gallagher, Cork

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