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Uric Acid in Blood Sample
Blood Photo Showing
Uric Acid Crystals

Rouleau in Blood
Blood showing Rouleau(Stacking)
of Red Blood Cells

Plaque and Crystal in Blood
Blood showing a
Cholesterol Plaque

Spicules in Blood
Blood Showing Spicules(Fibrinogen)
indicating liver toxicity

Advanced Health | Live Blood Analysis

"Health and Vitality are Inside Each and Every One of Us"

Does Your Blood Look Like
    Or This?
Seeing is Believing!

What is Live Blood Analysis?

Live Blood Microscopy, or Analysis, is a superb educational and motivational tool for every person.

Live Blood Analysis is the study of a single drop of blood examined under a microscope, in its living state, in order to determine the general health , vitality and well-being of a person. This is done as the client observes their own sample on a monitor and they can see the actual state of their own blood, and get an assessment of how to improve their health to the maximum.

Who Can Benefit?

Live Blood Microscopy is suitable for you if:
  • You are feeling tired, run down, or stressed
  • You are struggling with illness and wish to enhance your recovery
  • You are an athlete wanting to improve performance and recovery
  • You have troublinig symtoms, e.g. Menopause, that you do not understand.
  • You believe in preventative health
  • You have problems with dieting.
How Can It Help Me?

Looking directly at your blood is a unique experience. Over the course of the test you will be given comprehensive information in a way that will be clear and easy to follow.

You can start to understand what is happening on a cellular level in your body, and can see for yourself how, over a period of time, the positive changes that you have taken can improve and enhance your life.

You can use Live Blood Analysis as an excellent indicator to your cellular health and monitor the changes over a long period of time.

Many of your health problems will disappear when the body is given a chance to bring itself towards a state of physical and biological balance, often by simply modifying your diet and correct supplementation.


I had other diet related blood tests, is this the same?
No. This is a direct visual examination of your blood during the consultation.

Will it take a long time to get the results?
No. You will have all your results by the time you finish the consultation.

I don't feel ill, how will this be of use to me?
Although Live Blood Analysis is exceptionally useful for people who have health issues, preventative health decisions are becoming more important in relation to the lives we are leading today.

I am seriously into sports, what will it do for me?
The very act of excerise, although very beneficial, puts an increased load on the body, in the form of toxin and acid build-up in the muscles, decreasing performance and increasing the likelihood of injury. Live Blood Analysis dramatically indicates this, and over a period of time the information that you receive will allow you to improve your detoxification and your performance.

Is this an allergy test?
No. Live Blood Analysis however, gives an accurate 'snapshot' of your health and very specific changes in the cells and plasma of your blood in relation to vitamin / mineral deficiency, chemical toxicity, and parasitic organisms present.


  "I was absolutely amazed at what I saw in my own blood! It confirmed what I thought was causiing my illness"
S. Williams, Co. Dublin.

"I could hardly believe the improvement in myself after following Helen's recommendations, it has been so helpful"
G. Walsh, Ennis, Co. Clare

"Fascinating! It's not just seeing what's going on inside you, but the information I got made it easy for me to start doing something positive for myself"
B. O' Loughlin, Co. Limerick

"This has been so important to me! It has allowed me to take charge of my health. Before doing the Live Blood Test I didn't know what to do, now I'm following a definite plan and my overall health has improved hugely."
M. McDonough, Co. Galway

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