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Advanced Health | The Enneagram Tests


What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram (from the Greek word meaning “nine points”) is an increasingly popular tool for understanding human nature, because it explores our inner drives and unconscious motivations as human beings. It answers the age old question, “Why do people do what they do?”

"I always seemed to react to people and problems the same way, and that was wasn't helping me at all. After learning the Enneagram I understood just how stuck in my type I really was"

It accomplishes this goal by describing nine different styles of personality. In discovering the one that describes you and those that describe the people with whom you live and work, the Enneagram becomes a key to:

  • UNRAVELLING relationships, difficulties and personal growth issues.

  • UNCOVERING the unconscious self-defeating qualities that keep us from achieving our goals.

  • DEVELOPING strategies to minimize our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths.

  • DISCOVERING more effective communication styles both in the workplace, and at home.

  • DEEPENING your understanding of your children, or parents.

    Why is the Enneagram so popular?

  • The Enneagram tests are so accurate that people easily recognize themselves and others in their lives.

  • It clearly names and describes the issues which, if worked upon, produce maximum personal benefit.

  • The Enneagram asks and answers penetrating questions about habits of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

  • It unravels the hidden dynamics of relationships with far greater ease and clarity than any other personality model or test.

  • The Enneagram’s application is diverse — family/personal relationships, business, education, team building, spirituality, and psychology are but a few examples.

  • The Enneagram tests has its roots dating back over two thousand years, and is still as accurate now as it was in ancient times.

    Are you a Perfectionist(1), or a Dreamer(7)? Do you like being the Boss(8) and get to it, or like to Observe(5) and think things through first? Find out how you relate to the world!

    Who should attend an Enneagram seminar?

  • Parents.

  • Couples.

  • Anyone interested in personal growth and empowerment.

  • Educators.

  • Psychotherapists and other helping professionals.

  • Business Managers and their teams.

  • Human Resource managers

  • Life Coaches.

    The Enneagram tests Experience Seminars ®

    The Enneagram Experience Seminars® are a refreshingly new, fun, and easy way to learn the Enneagram. It presents the nine unique personality styles of the Enneagram in the simple language of Thinking, Feeling, and Doing, which are three kinds or centres of intelligence we use constantly to make our way through every day.

    The aspects of over, or under use of these centres of intelligence are presented visually, which clarifies and simplifies a person's understanding of the nine types of the Enneagram, making all types easy to remember. It also reveals what a person can do to start to overcome their limitations.

    The Enneagram Experience Level 1 Seminar is an ideal way to begin your journey with the Enneagram. It creates a practical framework in which you can immediately apply what you have learned to improve your life.

    The Enneagram Experience Level 2 Seminar is a deeper look into the Enneagram, and allows you to learn more about the Enneagram, and how to apply it to your life, and to others close to you.

    The Enneagram Experience Levels 1 & 2 are taught in a relaxed, enjoyable format, Level 1 being one day long (or two Evenings), and Level 2 over two days (four evenings).

    One or Small Groups can easily be catered for. Please ring to discuss.

  • Testimonials

      "This is what Enneagram should be: not just who you are, but also why and where to go from here"
    Kenneth Turner, Ph.D.

    "As a psychotherapist, I have used many models over the past 20 years to help people gain insight. The Hurley/Donson approach to the Enneagram continues to do more to effect personal growth than any system I have encountered"
    Carl Willoughby, M.A., USA

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