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"Rolfing is the best thing I have done for my physical self in my entire adult life."
D. Morgan, Inch, Co. Kerry

"It was if a ton weight was lifted from me... it's a real shock to realise how stiff and tight a person can get as they get older. With Rolfing, you can really improve yourself."
B. McLoughlin, Co. Leitrim

"This has been so important to me! It has allowed me to take charge of my health. Before doing the Live Blood Test I didn't know what to do, now I'm following a definite plan and my overall health has improved hugely."
M. McDonough, Co. Galway

"Fascinating! It's not just seeing what's going on inside you, but the information I got made it easy for me to start doing something positive for myself"
B. O' Loughlin, Co. Limerick

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